Monday, October 25, 2010

Django-Cms Installation error "PageAdmin.exclude' refers to field 'created_by' that is missing from"

Error :
Error "ImproperlyConfigured at / 'PageAdmin.exclude' refers to field 'created_by' that is 
missing from the form" 
Problem Solve :
Fixed this error 
by just setting editable=False on created_by and changed_by and removing all fields from 
PageAdmin.exclude (the other fields already were editable=False)
Edit two files to fix this error
Edit file: cms/admin/
Line no. 65 approximately. 
 revision_form_template = "admin/cms/page/revision_form.html"
Change this line
-    exclude = ['created_by', 'changed_by', 'lft', 'rght', 
'tree_id', 'level']
+  exclude = []  
 mandatory_placeholders = ('title', 'slug', 'parent', 'site',  
'meta_description', 'meta_keywords', 'page_title', 'menu_title') 
top_fields = [] 
 general_fields = ['title', 'slug', ('published', 'in_navigation')]