Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Control statments

There types of control statments:-
*Iteration (loop)
~do -while
*Decision making
~ if
~if else
~else if

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

constant in C++

four types of constant:-
*integer constant
*charater constant
*floating point constant
*string litreal constant

interger types is decimal ex -: 0.75
octal decimal ex :-075
hex decimail ex:- 0x75

floating point constant is ex:- 105e3

string is a group of charaterin double cotation

chararter constsant ex ;- 'a'

escape sequences :-
Certain special characters are represented as escape sequences. An escape sequence begins with a \ (backslash) followed by an alphanumeric character. For example, the \n escape sequence represents the newline character. Note that the two characters of an escape sequence are construed as a single character. Here's a complete list of the escape sequences in C++::-
\' Single quote
\" Double quote
\\ Backslash
\nnn Octal number (nnn)
\0 Null character (really just the octal number zero)
\a Audible bell
\b Backspace
\f Formfeed
\n Newline
\r Carriage return
\t Horizontal tab
\v Vertical tab
\xnnn Hexadecimal number (nnn)
\? print ?