Thursday, May 13, 2010


Technovision'10 was a two day technical festival organised in Guru Nanak Dev Engineering college, Ludhiana on 9-10 April,2010. There were number of talks, workshops and events were organised. all committees of college i.e. SCIE , LUG Ludhiana, Computer Club, ISTE ,SAE,ACES and others put their combined efforts to made it success. I was in the organising team of Technovision'10. I Handel FOSS(Free and Open Source Software) related event. in foss their were three main event first was, talk on foss second was workshop on foss and third was panel discussion. It was really great. we have called few experts from the industry, time we had spend with them was really worth mentioning.

Name of experts are as following:-
1)Mr. Kishore Bhargawa, CEO,Linkaxis Technology
2)Mr. Mohanty gora, President of IT company
3)Mr. Sudev Brar, President of IT company
4)Mr. Triveni Yadav,
Member of Foss community these people were really great source of inspiration for us. we learn lot many things from them. I got a chance to interact with them and feel really good.

We are the organising workshop on Free and open source Softwares on this 2 day technical festival.
Almost for all branches expert of that field were present. we got number entries from out side the college such as IIT Roorkee, colleges from Haryana, Delhi and Punjab .